Friday, December 23, 2011

Menelaus of Alexandria

Some Notes on Menelaus.
His work on spherical geometry furthers into Non Euclidian Geometry.  Geodesic, a straight line is a small segment of a large circle who has a center.  Modern aviation, airplanes use this knowledge to fly.  This is how commercial airplanes fly.  (I learned this fact from a book call 'Is God a Mathematician'? 
Mathematician began to see fault in Euclid's geometry because of his proposition for Parallel line was long and clumsy.  In spherical geometry, the parallel lines do not extend for ever in parallels.  They come to a point.  This is why there is a distinction between spherical geometry and plane geometry.  Look at the globe.  The meridian comes to a point at the North and South Poles.

Michael Schultheis

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Gold Sail of Menelaus

"As humans, we have a fascinating capacity to visualize mathematics. Our analytical concepts can be visualized, written down in notation, and then shared as a logical and visual language for others. These creative issues from our minds are analytical expressions, and the visual process of rendering them is analytical expressionism. This is the world I explore while painting." - Michael Schultheis

Likening his canvas to a chalkboard, Michael Schultheis creates paintings consisting of layers of mathematical notations and drawings that describe the form and motion of three-dimensional geometric shapes.

Conics of Apollonius
Harmonic Oscillations
Harmonic Quadrants
Parabolic Symmetries
Conic Symmetries